DigitalAlen Consulting

Hey, welcome! I'm Alen, and I specialize in creating websites and improving online presence that solves problems for your business and puts more money in your pocket.

Here is our company's slogan!

We can either make you something pretty, or something that makes you money!

If you consider yourself a business with a brick and mortar presence (restaurant, medical practice, auto service, beauty service, etc)

Then keep reading - I will make you an offer that could be a turning point for your business.

If you have a small business with a brick and mortar presence, let's talk and see if your website can be improved to do ONE OF TWO THINGS!

1. The website will be improved to make your business more efficient and save you time and headache.


2. The website is currently leaking potential sales/customers and will be improved to put more dollars in your pocket.


If we can't do one of those things for your business, then unfortunately I won't be able to include you in my list of Satisfied Clients :D

Why choose us for your online presence needs?
We are not another agency that works until the sale, we are a Growth Partner whose work starts AFTER the saleWe will never sell you anything that you don't need and only charge you for the revisions you need in your Custom PackageWe work fast, have excellent communication, and offer you 100% satisfactionLike our company slogan, we focus on helping your company make more money or save you time. We will never pitch you an over-the-top website which looks pretty but doesn't help you get more sales!

Could your Business be Facing a Top 10 Website Issue?

Slow Page Loading Speed (40% of customers abandon a website if it doesn't load in 3 seconds)Not Optimized for Mobile (Where More than 50% of Your Customers Could Be)No Live Chat (Websites with live chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert a customer)Poor UI/UX Design (Your customers will not engage with your business if your website frustrates them and they leave too soon!)Poor SEO (When your customer googles their problem or interest, your business needs to show up on Google!)Hidden Basic Information (You'd be surprised how often this problem comes up)Subpar/No E-Commerce (In addition to navigating customers to your physical store, if your website is missing online ordering or providing customers with a poor experience, this is a huge issue that we can fix!)No Lead Magnet/Poor Email Collection (We can help you collect emails from your customers so you can nurture them and target your most engaged customers through email!)Low Quality Content/Images - In 2022, everybody is competing for digital real estate to get their customers attention (if your website has Low Quality Copy and Images, visitors will quickly leave as soon as they land on your page)Forms, Links, Buttons are not working properly (There is not much more frustrating for a potential customer than an ugly 404 Error...)

This was ONLY the top 10 issues for WEBSITES... We see other common issues with GoogleMyBusiness pages, social media websites, etc.

We hope you got some value from reading our most common issues we see... Imagine the value we would provide if we had the chance to partner with your business!

If you think that your business could be facing one of these problems or just want to see if there is any opportunity to partner with us for your Complete Online Presence then please ... Click the button below!

A Quick Overview of What You Can Expect!

Step 1 - We Talk on the Phone for 15 - 30 Minutes!

I will research your business and give you my opinion about your online presence (Website, GoogleMyBusiness widget, Facebook page, and more)You tell me about problems and opportunities that you currently see in your businessIf there is something my team and I can fix, we agree on what we can do for your company. Possibly you may also already have a great website which may not need any assistance from our team. (In this case, it was great to meet you and keep up the good work!)

Step 2 - DigitalAlen Consulting Works Our Magic!

We create a custom-tailored plan, Specifically for YOUR Business, and I will only charge you for the options that we decide are best for your business! (We do not offer a ridiculous flat fee and will NEVER create and charge you for something that you don't need for your business)"IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!"Depending on what options we decide are best for your business, my team will work within 1 - 4 weeks to get all changes to our standard. (We will check in with you for updates/input depending on your personal preference)

Step 3 - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Based on your initial ask and our predetermined plan, you will have UNLIMITED REVISIONS with our companyWe will work up and until you are happy with our finished product, or we will give you a 100% RefundWe set up monthly maintenance for your online presence/website if that is something you need (AGAIN WE WILL NEVER SELL YOU SOMETHING THAT YOU DON'T NEED)